Present trend of the Cement Industry was showing preference to up-gradation of existing plants rather than going in for green field projects of cement production.

  • A With the growth in the Cement Industry, and Thermal Power Plants, considerable demand for Tall structures like Chimney Stacks, Storage Silos and Natural Draught Cooling Towers etc., was generated. We courageously took up this opportunity and obtained modern equipment and technology from abroad for speedy and safe construction of such tall and large concrete structures.
  • B Present trend of the Cement Industry was showing preference to up-gradation of existing plants rather than going in for Green Field Projects of Cement Production. Up-gradation of existing Cement Mill means Planning and executing construction in the running Plants. Tall preheater Structure of 100 M and above and many ancillary complicated structures are to be constructed in the available short space.
  • C We carried out such up-gradation of existing plants at J. K Lakshmi Cement Ltd. for three Kiln streams which were upgraded achieving 80% extra capacity and at Ambuja Cements, Kodinar, Gujarat.
  • D For Chimney Stacks and Silo Construction, we procured equipment and technology from M/s. BYGGING LTD. - Sweden. Construction of Urea Prill Towers for Fertilizer Plants at Baroda, Kalol, Bharuch and Mumbai were also notable structures.

Water Supply Projects

We undertook some water supply projects involving underground and Overhead Water Reservoirs in Gujarat State. The Elevated Reservoirs are of various interesting shapes like that of Hemispherical at Nandesari - GIDC Estate, spherical at Vatva - GIDC Estate, Wine Glass shape at NIRMA LTD., Bhavnagar.

The most interesting project was Design, Construction and commissioning of 60 MLD Capacity water supply Project for Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Ltd., on a turnkey (EPC) basis. It involved River Intake Works, Pump House with VT Pumps, Electrical Sub-station and laying of 18 Km of M.S. Hume steel pipe line. The plant was commissioned and run for a period of 30 days at 120% capacity level.

We have also constructed Intake well for Nirma Ltd. Near Bhavnagar.

Precast Concrete Housing

Narmada River Project in Gujarat needed housing for their staff along with canal alignment. We developed a technology for Hollow Core Concrete Panels - and constructed 2,50,000 Sft of structures in a short time of 18 months spread over 10 different sites.

We used this technology for rehabilitation of one village - Rebe Chincholi in Latur District - Maharashtra after the severe earth-quake in 1993.

Architerctural Projects

Simultaneously along-with construction of heavy engineering structures, Chimneys , Silos, Cooling Towers, Preheater Towers, we also undertook several prestigious architectural works like construction of “ Institute of Plasma Research; Factory for Ingersoll Rand; Revolving Restaurant at Ahmedabad; Sanskar Kendra and Tagore Memorial Hall etc. in Ahmedabad to name a few.

Design and supply of equipment / centering and guidance to our client's engineers in successful execution of complex structures.

We noticed that the above requirement which is so basic, is not available in our Country for making it easily obtainable to smaller Agencies. Hence, we have under- taken such responsibilities of structural Design of Enabling Structures, concept planning of execution and transfer of Technology available with us to those who need it the most. We supply equipment on rental basis also – if Clients prefer it that way. Classic examples of this diversification is the Formwork Concept Planning & Design and providing guidance during construction of 58 M diameter Hemispheric RCC Shell of ‘Planet Earth’ at Science City – Ahmedabad.

Second instance is the Design, Planning and supply of two sets of Hydraulically Climbing Access Scaffold System for the construction of five numbers of Natural Draught Cooling Tower Structures and training their workers and Supervisors by our staff though transfer of technology. The recipient of these services is one of the top Organization of the Country – who are extremely happy with our professional approach and highest level of workmanship which they could achieve with our equipment and technology.

Supply of specialized equipment

Manufacture and sale of Hydraulically Self Operated Climbing Formwork System for construction of Natural Draught Cooling Tower Shell including hardware for formwork shutters, Rigs and Hydraulics and training of buyer’s, workers and supervisors to operate the same.

Rental of centering and scaffolding materials :

Rental of Construction machineries.